Over the years, many men have continued to suffer from a lack of semen quantity, silently ashamed of their condition. While the average man produces between 3ml to 5ml, the amount most men produce tends to decline past the age of 40. However, the inability or the lowering ability to produce enough semen leads to several issues, including infertility, failure to satisfy a partner, and it could also trigger various psychological issues.

Semen for both partners means satisfaction. To a woman, a satisfying ejaculation from their male partner means that he was satisfied and truly enjoyed sex. For a man, it often means that they climaxed, consequently enjoying the experience. When there is a lack of semen, that aspect of sex being enjoyed is missing. Not to mention that when semen quantity is very low, it makes having kids harder, which can be stressful for many long-term relationships.

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The good news is that semen enhancers like Volume Pills can help. Volume Pills is a supplement that has proven to be highly effective at increasing the amount of semen many men produce over the years. The supplement also helps raise libido, and that often results in intense orgasms. However, many men ask how much better is Volume Pills as a supplement compared to many others that claim to offer the same benefits?

One of the claims Volume Pills makes is that it can increase the amount of ejaculate by 500% and ensure that men have longer and harder erections. However, Volume Pills isn’t alone in claiming this, which is why we needed to put these and other claims to the test in this review. By the end of this review, you’ll know if it is worth taking Volume Pills.

Who Should Take Volume Pills?

Anyone who thinks that they aren’t producing enough semen should take Volume Pills. However, there is no minimum age or maximum age for taking this supplement; that said, ideally, you should be above 18 years of age. Furthermore, we’d recommend that you first visit a doctor to determine if your lack of semen isn’t being caused by some other condition that will require taking prescription drugs.

Volume Pills is an all-natural supplement but isn’t a replacement for prescription medication for specific conditions. That said, the pills’ natural formulation makes them safe to use by people of all ages. Plus, because there are few if any adverse effects, there is no risk of overdosing by taking too much.

In addition to increasing semen volume, Volume Pills also increase libido, increases sexual desire, and even raises testosterone levels. All of these factors play either a direct or indirect role in semen production and ejaculation.

Can Volume Pills Be Trusted?

Volume Pills isn’t a new supplement; in fact, it has been around for quite some time and is already used by thousands of men worldwide. Men from around the world attest to the formulation’s effectiveness, which has been improved based on feedback received by the company over the years.

The other reason why Volume Pills can be trusted is that they are manufactured and marketed by a company called Leading Edge Health. The company has a history of producing some of the most effective herbal supplements that have helped millions of men worldwide. That’s one reason why Volume Pills is so sought after and often recommended by even health experts.

Men are advised to start supplementing with daily doses of Volume Pills before switching to something like drugs to increase semen volume.

What’s In Volume Pills?

To understand just how effective Volume Pills are, you need to start with knowing what’s in the formulation. Even though Volume Pills includes many different ingredients, we’ll go over the most relevant to increasing semen volume.

  • Solidin โ€“ It is a herb that’s scientifically proven to be an excellent sexual enhancer. The compound works by primarily attaching to the pleasure centers, consequently intensifying an erection. A couple of long-term studies show a relationship between increased sexual desire with the regular use of solidin.
  • Zinc Oxide โ€“ It is a mineral prescribed to mainly infertile men and can also be absorbed via our diet. The benefits of zinc on male fertility have been known and proven extensively, which is why its appearance in this formulation is worth mentioning.
  • L-Dopa โ€“ It is a highly popular compound that connects to the pleasure transmitter in the brain, providing an intense sexual experience.
  • Ku Gua โ€“ It is a herb that’s been a part of traditional medicine for centuries, with known positive effects on semen production. Some research also shows that it raises the level of testosterone, and that leads to higher libido. Though having high testosterone also means more muscle mass and less fat.
  • Drilizen โ€“ When used in the right quantity and daily, it is shown to increase blood flow. However, it also raises the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide, which means harder erections.
  • Tian Men Tong โ€“ It is an ingredient that’s mainly known to increase sperm count, which is consequential for infertile men. However, there is some research showing that it also helps improve erection hardness and libido.
  • Ling Zhi โ€“ used extensively in the far east, it helps strengthen the immune system, which means it enables you to fend off microbial attacks. However, it is also used as a libido booster.
  • Hong Hua Fen โ€“ It mainly raises blood pressure to the penis resulting in better and harder erections.

Why Choose Volume Pills Over the Competition?

Now for starters, one of the questions we often get asked is why men should choose one product over the other. Sure, many supplements advertise using the same ingredients as Volume Pills, many have also been around for a while and may also be cheaper, but the question is, do they work? The vast majority of supplements that claim to enhance semen do not work, proven by the reviews those products have received over the years. Some men even complain of adverse effects despite them assuming an all-herbal formulation.
Ingredients alone don’t make Volume Pills effective. A lot more goes into a formulation, like the purity of the extracts used, quality of the herbs, use of fillers, and if the formulation has been designed for maximum absorption. Many supplements that claim to use the best herbs or the same herbs don’t use enough of them. Sometimes the quality of those herbs may be questionable. That’s why men using those pills don’t see the results advertised.

Buy Volume Pills

Volume Pills works, and 90% of men will see results during the first 3 months of its use. Plus, the supplement does not just focus on pushing the body to produce more semen but instead works on the sexual system as a whole. The supplement provides the body with everything it needs to produce more semen, one of which is the ability to have a stronger orgasm, where herbs like Hong Hua Fen and Ku Gua come in. Plus, there are sustained long-term benefits to taking Volume Pills, which is why many men continue to take it as part of their supplementation regime.

Is Volume Pills Backed by Science?

Volume Pills’ formulation is backed by solid science and clinical research. Almost every ingredient in the formulation has been closely studied. Numerous double-blind placebo and clinical trials have found ingredients like Zinc Oxide to increase semen volume and quality.
Hong Hua Fen and Ku Gua have been used for centuries by traditional Asian medicine, and their benefits have been widely known across the scientific community. Ingredients such as Tian Men Tong have been shown to increase sexual potency in many clinical trials. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that adds to the mounting evidence in favor of the ingredient being a highly effective male potency herb.

How Soon Will You See Results with Volume Pills?Many men on the fence about using Volume Pills want to know what type of results they can expect to see and how soon they can expect to see it? While it is a fair question to ask, the fact is that the results vary depending on numerous factors like your age, current health, and lifestyle choices. For instance, people who work out in the weight room frequently tend to see a much sharper and more rapid increase in their testosterone, which directly affects the amount of semen produced.

You also need to bear in mind that Volume Pills isn’t a drug. Volume Pills is a supplement, and as such, it does not work immediately. It takes time for the body to start absorbing the ingredients, and then it starts working depending on how weak the sexual system is for the most part. That’s why some men will see results like more semen volume sooner than others. However, after having spoken to many men using Volume Pills, we were able to find a couple of patterns.

The vast majority of men saw that their libido increased during the second week of taking Volume Pills. The increase in libido was soon followed by harder erections experienced during the fourth week. In their fourth week of taking the supplement, some men said that they would suddenly have hard erections out of nowhere, which is an indication of higher testosterone.

Semen volume starts to increase in the sixth week. Men report seeing a 50% to a 75% increase in volume. Men who were already at the bottom of the normal range (3ml) of semen production also saw a boost to 4ml on average. However, the effects of the supplement peak during the 12th week. Most men report not only more semen but higher libido and more energy, all of which are signs that the male sexual system is back on track to normal function.

Why Buy Volume Pills from Leading Edge Health’s Official Website?

Many people may think that the fact that they are limited to buying the supplement from the official website limits their ability to get a discount. However, while you might be able to find Volume Pills being sold online in 99.9% of cases, you have no way of knowing they are genuine. Volume Pills is a very popular herbal supplement, which is why many fly-by-night-operations are selling counterfeit Volume Pills at a fraction of the price. The counterfeits could be harmful to your health as there is no way of knowing what’s included in them, plus they aren’t going to yield the advertised benefits.

One of the other reasons why we recommend buying Volume Pills from the official website is so that you can also take advantage of the money-back guarantee. The 67-day moneyback guarantee ensures that if the pills don’t work for you, it can be returned to get your money back. It is an offer that few if any other supplement companies have for buyers.

Leading Edge Health also backs products like Volume Pills with excellent support. Buyers can get in touch with the company for answers if they have any questions or face issues. If you buy from elsewhere, this support may be non-existent.

Final Verdict โ€“ Is Volume Pills Worth It?

Yes, Volume Pills is worth it for any man who is unable to produce enough semen volume. However, unlike other supplements, Volume Pills addresses the male sexual system as a whole. It does that without costing an arm and a leg like drugs that also have adverse effects associated with them.

The potent formulation includes some of the best ingredients that money can buy. Many of the herbs included are rare, and finding a reliable supplier is near impossible. Plus, the formulation has been honed over the years, making it more useful than ever before.

Leading Edge Health understands that some men will be on the fence about Volume Pills, and that’s why the product comes backed by a money-back guarantee. Not many supplement companies offer guarantees, but Leading Edge Health tends to back all their products with a warranty so that men can be assured that they are getting what they paid for or they will get their money back!

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