Picture a decadent Bedouin tent made from colored brocade, decorated with silk, filled with exotic perfumes, and illuminated by flickering candlelight. Inside the tent is a throne on which the man sits waiting for his lover… This is the kind of sultry atmosphere that Sheikh Nefzawi, author of The Perfumed Garden, wanted lovers to experience in their lovemaking.

It was in 15th century Tunis, one of the grandest and richest cities of the Ottoman Empire, that Sheikh Nefzawi wrote The Perfumed Garden. His intention was to share erotic insights with men, so they and their wives would experience maximum enjoyment during sex – which he described as “man’s highest pleasure.”

Like other erotic classics, The Perfumed Garden features a gorgeous array of sex positions. Some of them are inspired variations on the Missionary Position, while others are wildly extravagant. The Sheikh admits that some of of the positions he describes are more likely to be the stuff of erotic imaginings rather than real-life sex. For your enjoyment, some of the Sheikh’s more achievable – and most pleasurable – sex positions are featured here.

Ninth Posture

Ninth Posture

Take the action off the bed and onto the floor. This hot pose from The Perfumed Garden is great for making love on the desk, at the kitchen table, or even in an airplane bathroom. With a little imagination, the opportunities are endless!

Sex From Behind

It's the dirty sexual position men fantasize about more than any other! Doggy style, rear entry - whatever it's modern name - this Kamasutra pose hits the spot.

The Stopperage

One of the more popular sex positions from "The Perfumed Garden," the Stopperage is a raw, primitive pose which tends to lead to quick orgasms -- hopefully for both of you!

Coitus of the Sheep

He kneels behind her while she is on all fours, then she lowers her chest to the bed in this dramatic version of doggy-style.

The One Who Stops At Home

Being able to make intense eye contact adds intimacy to passion in this position, and her hips rising to offer herself to him ups the eroticism.

Gripping With The Toes

This sexy variation on the Missionary Position allows for maximum depth of penetration. Looking for an intimate position for slow, Sunday morning sex? Try this one!

Love’s Fusion

In this simple side-by-side position from The Perfumed Garden, you lie with your faces close together, creating an intimate mood of warmth and tenderness.

Reciprocal Sight of the Posteriors

Suprisingly subtle changes in different body parts can make a big difference to how a position looks and feels.

The Ram

A favorite for many couples, in this erotic pose from The Perfumed Garden the man kneels upright and the woman uses her forearms and knees to present herself to her partner.

The Seventh Posture

All that gyrating ensures that every thrust hits a new pleasure zone inside her. The lower he goes, the deeper he gets - test different levels to discover what feels best.

First Posture of the Perfumed Garden

One of the most popular sex positions, the First Posture of The Perfumed Garden offers freedom of movement, lots of intimate body contact, and the chance to kiss and gaze into each other's eyes.

With Legs In The Air

In this position from The Perfumed Garden, the man takes his partner's legs and lifts her from her bottom for a more pleasurable angle of penetration.

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