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sex from behind

Hit it From the Back – 10 Best Rear Entry Sex...

It's the dirty sexual position everyone fantasizes about! Doggystyle, rear entry - whatever you call it - Sex From Behind hits the spot.
banana split sex position

The Banana Split

Everyone’s favorite treat is also our favorite sex move! The Banana Split is a fun and sensual position you'll both love.
double decker sex position

Double Decker

If you’ve ever imagined yourself fucking under a ceiling mirror, then The Double Decker sex position is something you must put on your “to do” list.
spooning sex

Spooning Sex Position

A wonderful addition to your repertoire, many couples love side-by-side or the Spooning Sex Position because of the intimacy it offers.

The Bull

Think backwards cowgirl with a twist. When you find the right depth and the right angle, you’re sure to be rewarded with plenty of G-spot induced shivers.
asian cowgirl sex position

Asian Cowgirl

The Asian Cowgirl sex position is ideal for when guys are low on stamina or in need of a break. Let her do the work and sit back and enjoy the view!

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