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kneeling position sex

Face Off

If more intimacy is what you like, the Face Off sex position is perfect for you both to appreciate the feeling of connectedness and passion.
eagle sex position

Eagle Position

With her legs wide and in the air, the angle is perfect for him to stroke her G-spot and for powerful, deep penetration.
jackknife sex position

Jackknife Position

This sexy variation of the Missionary Position puts a fun spin on the classic move.
boys on the side sex position

Boys on the Side

The unique angle of this sideways sex pose creates sensations that are sizzingly different from typical from-behind intercourse because it puts you in position to hit all those hard-to-reach spots.
Best Sex Positions for a Tigher Fit

6 Sexy Moves for a Tighter Fit

6 amazing sex positions for a tight fit and maximum sensation. Try one of these hot moves tonight.
legs up sex position

Legs Up

If getting deeper inside her is what you crave, try this sexy take on the classic Missionary Position, Legs Up gives the man all the control of penetration and makes him feel amazingly bigger.
small penis sex positions

Best Positions for Smaller-Sized Men

Have more fun and feel more satisfied when you’re dealing with a smaller package.
standing rear entry sex position

Standing Rear Entry

Take it out of the bedroom and spice things up with the Standing Rear Entry sex position. Great for quickie sex, this super hot move combines the dirty, deep penetration of doggy style with the raw urgency of sex standing up.

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