Best Sex Positions for Simultaneous Orgasms


Do you ever try to hold off on climaxing so you can have a simultaneous orgasm? Here are the best positions to try if you’re intent on climaxing together during sex – or achieving a simultaneous orgasm with your partner.

The Rider

The Riding sex position is great for her to control the pace. Dr. Ian Kerner suggests that when riding, you should “pull out so only the tip of his penis is in you, and make shallow movements.” This way, your clit gets the arousal you need to climax.

From Behind

One minor addition can make all the difference. Because few women can climax without some sort of clitoral stimulation, it’s important to be situated so that either the man or the woman can provide that.

69 Position

“We have the best luck coming together while 69-ing,” says Mark, a 27-year-old law student. “It’s just much easier to gauge how close my girlfriend is. I can either speed her up or slow her down depending on where I’m at—and she can do the same.”

When your face is … where your face is during oral sex, it’s usually fairly easy for you and your partner to figure out each other’s level of arousal, and time your orgasms. When you’re trying to come together during regular sex, communication is far more important.

Take Time to Warm Her Up

Since many women find it easier to have their second, or even third, orgasms after they’ve enjoyed their first, one technique many couples enjoy is to get her to come once as a warm-up before going for the gold.

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