If you want to try this one, I guarantee you will not regret it. Hold on to your hat though, ’cause it’s gonna be one wild ride.

The Rodeo anal sex position is similar to Cowgirl style, except that the woman plants their feet instead of kneeling, balancing on the balls of her feet.

This position can be difficult and tiring for many women, so their partner should offer some support using their hands whenever possible. It’s also helpful to use the floor or another firm surface.

A very popular twist to the regular Cowgirl position, the Rodeo is definitely a must try for those that can!

Best Positions for Anal Sex

Upright Doggy Style

If you're looking for something a little naughty to add to your repertoire, we highly recommend this variation on the traditional Doggy Style anal sex position.

Backseat Driver

My personal favorite: Assfucked while sitting on a bar stool. If this one doesn't get you to hit the high notes, I don't know what will.

The Sphinx

This comfortable, side entry pose allows both partners to fully enjoy the surprising sensations that anal sex provides.

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