Rising Position


The Rising Position enables deep thrusting in a position that is comfortable for both of you – great for building erotic tension.

How to do it:
She raises her legs in the air, making a wide “V” shape by holding her thighs open with her hands. He penetrates in the usual man-on-top position. Penetration is already pretty intense, but if she’s feeling particularly raunchy and wants him even deeper, she should bend her knees and bring them toward her chest. Some interpretations of this pose include her putting her feet in front of him, pressing against the top of his chest.

Why you’d want to:
This position shortens the vagina, making her feel tighter so it’s a good choice if she has a large vagina and he has a small penis.

Hot hint:
It’s all in the angle of her legs – if he hits too deep its more owww than ahhh. Try legs together pressed on his chest and thighs squeezed rather than parted.