The Ram

The Ram is a classic rear-entry position where the man kneels upright and the woman uses her forearms and knees to present herself to her partner.

From The Perfumed Garden:

SIXTEENTH MANNER (After the Fashion of The Ram) — The woman is on her knees, with her forearms on the ground; the man approaches from behind, kneels down, and lets his member penetrate into her vagina, which she presses out as much as possible; he will do well in placing his hands on the woman’s shoulders.

In this position, it is easy to caress her back, massage her breasts, or stimulate her clitoris, which is why many couples find it so erotic.

The problem many women have with doggy style is that it can feel very impersonal. To make her feel more connected try a couple variations on the theme such as rear entry while you’re both on your knees, or in front of a mirror so you both can see what’s going on.

More Doggy Style Positions

Camel Style

Camel Style

Sure, rear entry is one of the sex positions everybody knows. Want to make it 10x hotter? Try this sexy trick for a tighter fit and extra g-spot pleasure.

Speed Bump

This position is surprisingly sexy and can deliver tingling G-Spot sensations for her. Try it when she feels submissive, and he wants to play the dominant role.

Leap Frog

A top choice for G-Spot stimulation, the Leap Frog changes the angle of entry and shortens the vagina, making penetration deliciously deeper.

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