The One Who Stops At Home

Being able to make intense eye contact adds intimacy to passion in this position, and her hips rising to offer herself to him ups the eroticism.

How to do it:
She arches her back and lifts her bottom, legs opened wide. He props himself up on his hands for support. Like all face-to-face positions, this one’s derived from the missionary, except instead of having their bottoms planted on the bed, they’re lifted.

From The Perfumed Garden:

TWENTY-THIRD MANNER (The One Who Stops at Home) – The woman being couched on her back, the man lies down upon her, with cushions held in his hands. After his member is in, the woman raises her buttocks as high as she can off the bed, the man following her up with his member well inside; then the woman lowers herself again upon the bed, giving some short shocks, and although they do not embrace, the man must stick like glue to her. This movement they continue, but the man must make himself light and must not be ponderous, and the bed must be soft; in default of which the exercise cannot be kept up without break.

Not only is this a brilliant workout for her thighs and bottom (bonus!), it pushes the clitoris against the base of his penis providing friction during thrusting.

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Why you’d want to:
It’s a perfect position for maintaining eye-to-eye contact, and great for watching each other orgasm. Raising her hips against his thrusts gives him the feeling she desperately wants him inside her.

Hot hint:
Finding it a bit too much like hard work? Cheat by putting a firm pillow or two beneath her bottom.