Give a Woman Multiple Orgasms

Although women generally need more time to become sexually aroused than men, they possess a special advantage — multiple orgasms. Most men can’t enjoy multiples because their bodies need a “refractory period” to recover from orgasm, but the multi-orgasmic woman possesses the power to enjoy double o’s or more, without limitations.

A study published in Human Sexuality: An Encyclopaedia in the 90s found that after a woman has an orgasm she needs, on average, just one or two more minutes to reach her second climax.

“If a woman is able to orgasm at least once, then you can give her multiple orgasms,” says Jason Julius, author of The Female Orgasm Blueprint.

Noted sex therapist Dr. Vivienne Cass agrees. Every woman who is able to climax, also has the ability to orgasm between five and seven times in a row.

So how can you get here there? Follow these three simple steps:

Bonus Tip: The more orgasms she has, the less time it takes her to cum again.

The first orgasm usually takes the longest. Once she reaches that plateau, it takes less time to make her orgasm again.

So if you want to give a woman multiple orgasms during penetration, give her a foreplay orgasm first.

When she cums, give her a moment to catch her breath and go right back to it. Begin stimulating your clitoris again within 30 seconds of your first orgasm. By doing so, you can capitalize on the fact that your body is still highly aroused. Each additional orgasm after the first one takes much less time. The dip and return can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.

For more tips and techniques you and your lover can use right now, check out this free video. Believe me, it’s well worth it.

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