Kamasutra Yawning Pose

Close the curtains, tear off each other’s clothes and get ready to enjoy a noisy night in. The Kamasutra Yawning Position will do everything but make you yawn.

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How to do it:
She lies back and spreads her legs as far apart as possible. He kneels in front and penetrates, holding her thighs to open her legs wide (and make it even sexier.)

kamasutra yawning position
Kamasutra Yawning Pose

Why you’d want to:
The payoff isn’t so much deeper penetration, but her surrendering completely to him. The wider she opens herself, the more she offers her sexual soul to her lover.

Like many Kama Sutra sex positions, the Yawning Pose lends itself to intense eye-gazing. He can stop thrusting occasionally to lean forward and kiss her deeply; she can vary the sensation by moving the position of each leg at a time.

Hot hint:
Her hands are free for self-stimulation, which is an erotic visual for him as well.

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