joystick sex position

Are you an exhibitionist inside? Do you love to dominate in bed? Try this sexy variation of the woman on top sex position.

How to do it:
Pull your legs forward so your feet are on both sides of his body, close to his hips. Lean back and grab hold of his legs for balance as you start to move.

Most women use a series of up and down movements when they’re on top, which as you know gets tiring pretty quick.

To get more pleasure, swivel your hips in figure eight movements so you’re moving his penis as you would a video game joystick.

cowgirl sex

Hot hint:
Move slow, because this is one you want to get right. Your man will get to see your whole body from the perfect angle. Also, since his hands are free, he can touch and caress you wherever you like.

Here’s a little trick that will blow his mind… Squeeze his cock as you ride him.

When you clench your vaginal muscles during sex, your inner walls firmly grip his penis. This extra pressure will make penetration even more sensational for you both.