Inverted Missionary

Kimmy Granger & Logan Pierce

When it comes to sex positions, we’ll take them all. But our go-to is the clitoris-pleasing Inverted Missionary.

Cowgirl style or woman on top is probably one of the first positions you learned, and there’s more than a few reasons why it’s one of the favorite positions for most couples.

Some women simply love to take the active role and cannot be satisfied sexually otherwise. Whether or not you’re a dominatrix, it’s time to put those hips to work and show him exactly which movements work for you.

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How to do it:
To perform the Inverted Missionary, he lies on his back with his legs together. They can be straight or he can bend them a little bit at the knee. She straddles him Cowgirl style, with her knees on the bed.

Leaning forward, she rests her entire body on his stomach and chest. They can then rock back and forth with her on top, or she can bounce, wiggle and grind to her heart’s desire. So it‘s just like the Missionary Position, but upside down.

inverted missionary sex position

Hot tip:
If you want to make this pose even better, talk dirty! Since the two of you are so close and so involved with one another, it’s a perfect opportunity to express just how much you love their body.

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Penetration-wise, Inverted Missionary and other woman-on-top positions are arguably the quickest way for a woman to get an orgasm, although quite a bit more difficult for him.

If your lover isn’t getting enough stimulation, try this trick! Just show him how much you love his cock and enjoy pleasuring him by playing with his balls while you grind.