Gripping With The Toes


Looking for an intimate position for slow, Sunday morning sex? Try Gripping With the Toes! This sexy variation on the Missionary Position is *the* sexual position for deepest penetration.

From The Perfumed Garden:
THIRD MANNER (Gripping with the toes) — Place the woman on her back, and squat on your knees between her thighs, gripping the ground with your toes; raise her knees as high as your sides, in order that she may cross her legs over your back, and then pass her arms around your neck.

gripping with the toes

If she craves deeper penetration, Wait until she’s fully aroused and wrap her legs behind your back. Then hold on for the ride!

Best Sex Styles

Love’s Fusion

In this simple side-by-side position from The Perfumed Garden, you lie with your faces close together, creating an intimate mood of warmth and tenderness.
deeper penetration

Ninth Posture

Take the action off the bed and onto the floor as he prepares to worship her sexy body! This hot pose from The Perfumed Garden is great for making love on the desk, at the kitchen table, or even in an airplane bathroom.

The One Who Stops At Home

Being able to make intense eye contact adds intimacy to passion in this position, and her hips rising to offer herself to him ups the eroticism.

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