Face to Face

Vina Sky & Mick Blue

There’s nothing more intimate than Face to Face, slow, deep penetration. That’s what makes this hot and romantic sex move one of our favorites.

Plus, you have the added benefit of being able to gaze into each other’s eyes.

How to do it:
While on your sides, facing each other, pull yourself extra close so your hips are pressed together. Lift her upper leg and drape it over his hip so he can penetrate.

face to face sex position
face to face sex position

With your legs intertwined and all that eye contact, it’s hard NOT to feel close to your partner. You have the great vantage point of watching each other’s face and how each movement affects you both.

Hot hint
If you’re feeling inspired enough to turn your session into something sweeter, then you can caress your partner’s face and whisper all the things that usually feel too intimate to say. Chances are, they’ll return the favor.

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