I’m a big believer that lots of clit stimulation is essential when you’re having sex with a woman.

I see a lot of advice aimed at helping guys make their partner come during sex. Other than not skipping foreplay, most of it boils down to giving her more clit stimulation.

That’s obvious for the women who can’t orgasm from penetrative sex. Unless their clit gets enough attention, they won’t be able to get off, no matter how long or hard they get fucked.

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But even if a woman can come from penetration, she won’t be tapping into her best and strongest orgasms if that’s all she’s getting.

I’m one of the lucky few who can have orgasms from penetration — great ones, too. But nothing makes me come as hard as good clit stimulation.

There’s also no reason to treat those two types of stimulation as completely separate. Because when you combine them, you can experience some incredible blended orgasms.

It took me a long time to appreciate that blended orgasms are in a class of their own. You’re not just getting the pleasure from your clit being rubbed along with the pleasure you get from being fucked. When you’re getting them at the same time, you experience a higher kind of pleasure that you can’t access otherwise.

It’s like having your cake and eating it, too. Except this is a cake that makes you come really fucking hard.

I’m all for that, but not every position is ideal for giving you clit stimulation while fucking. It’s not impossible to rub your lady’s clit while pounding her from behind, but it’s going to be pretty awkward. And some ways of doing missionary will sandwich you together, which makes reaching her clit pretty difficult.

With that in mind, here are my five favorite positions for combining clit stimulation with penetrative sex. If you want to give your partner mind-blowing blended orgasms, this is the place to start.

clitoral stimulation

The Hook

The Hook sex position gives the easiest access to her clit while fucking.

She lies on her side and holds her leg up. He lies behind her and fucks her. From there, he can comfortably reach around to her pussy and give it a good stroke.

I get in this position almost every time I have sex. And once in a while, it’s the only one I’ll do. I use it so frequently because it lets me get fucked at a really good angle and allows my husband to rub my clit without compromising any of his skill.

If you really want to make sure she gets off, this one should be in your rotation. And if you want to really impress her, wrap your arm around her thigh so that you’re the one holding her leg up while stroking her to ecstasy.

rub her clit

Butterfly Sex Position

Missionary has a reputation for being a boring sex position. Maybe that’s because it’s the default position for a lot of people who like really basic, simple sex. I have no idea.

What I do know is that trashing missionary is completely unfair.

For one thing, it’s a great position for intimate sex, hard pounding, and deep penetration.

If you’re a lady who likes her wrists pinned down while getting fucked, it’s even better.

But it’s also a versatile set of positions. There are a few different ways of doing missionary and they all have their perks. And one of the perks of standing missionary is how easy it is to reach the clit while doing it.

Even though it’s got standing in the name, one of you is still going to be lying down. The gal who gets fucked is going to be on her back at the edge of bed, holding her legs up while the guy stands next to the bed and fucks her from that position.

In that position, he can use his hands to grip her thighs or hold her ankles and push her legs back. But the best use of them is to stroke her clit with two fingers, his thumb, or his whole palm — whatever feels most comfortable and works for her.

It’s a great position for him to get a good rhythm and for the clit stimulation to stay constant and uninterrupted. Once she comes from it, there’s no way she’ll ever call the missionary position boring again.

clit rub

Cowgirl Style

Like the Butterfly Position, the advantage of having her ride on top is that it frees up the guy’s hands.

If she’s riding you, she’s doing a lot of the work, which means that you should be keeping your hands busy the whole time.

If she’s in the cowgirl position, she’s facing you. You can use your hands to squeeze her hips, grab her tits and play with her nipples — or show her clit some love.

It’s a lot of work to ride on top, and nothing will encourage her to keep going like pleasuring her pussy while she does it.

Reverse cowgirl is still a great position for clit stimulation, but it’s really hard to give her a good reach-around so she’s better off handling it herself.

sex positions

Go Prone

This one is for the ladies. It’s not totally impossible for the guy to get his hand in the right spot while fucking in this position, but it’s not going to be easy and it’ll probably be a lot more enjoyable if she does it herself.

For the prone position, she lies on her stomach with her hips pushed up a bit (using a pillow or a wedge helps). Putting the hips at that angle makes her pussy more accessible and makes it easier for him to fuck her at a really good angle.

It also gives her room for her hand.

I fucking love this position because lying on my hand or on a toy puts a lot of extra pressure against my clit, which is a whole other way to get off. The results are intense and explosive. Even more so when I’m getting fucked at the same time.

sex positions

Coital Alignment Technique

All of the positions I mentioned so far give you a great way for your hands (or hers) to access her clit while she’s fucking her.
The coital alignment position is special, though, because it’s the only one that lets you stimulate her clit just by penetrating her.

The first time I experienced the coital alignment position, it was entirely by accident.

My husband and I were a little drunk and that’s probably why we didn’t align our bodies the way we normally do when we fuck, but when he got on top and started fucking me, I could feel it in my clit.

Years later, I figured out exactly what had happened. And even though the first time was a fluke, it wasn’t hard to recreate on purpose.

This is another variant of missionary, so your gal lies on her back for this one. The difference is that you will be a little higher up than you normally are. The idea is to get your cock to mostly point downward and to rock instead of thrusting in and out. That way your shaft rubs against her clit.

It’s simple but it’s fucking genius. It’s completely hands-free and still feels amazing.

Every guy wants to be a good lay, and that comes down mostly to one thing: getting her off really well.

Some women can have intense, powerful, bed-shaking orgasms just from getting fucked the right way. But most women can’t and they need clit play to get there.

So if you want her to text you again because she can’t stop thinking about how hard you made her come, go the extra mile. Fuck her really well but show her clit a lot of love, too.