Clitoral Orgasm


According to Ian Kerner, a nationally-recognized sexuality counselor who specializes in sex and couples therapy, all orgasms originate from the clitoris. Everything is connected back to it.

Kerner calls the clitoris “the powerhouse of the female orgasm.”

Clitoral orgasms come from stimulating both the visible part and its branches that run through the labia. The clitoris responds to friction, vibration and some pressure.

clitoral orgasm

Some women find it very difficult to orgasm with a partner. In fact, according to Women’s Day, a third of women report that they are unable to achieve orgasm from vaginal sex alone. Most women experience only clitoral orgasms.

Fact: Many men don’t even know where the clitoris is. Only 44% of college men in one study could locate it on a diagram. And that was in 2013.

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