Want to make a woman orgasm from sex… in minutes? The Butterfly sex position makes it easy.

One of the best sex positions to make a woman orgasm, the Butterfly is perfect for both amazingly deep penetration and G-spot stimulation.

This pose is great for the edge of the bed, couch, or just about any edge for that matter. It’s nice taken super slowly. Even nicer with a thumb to her clitoris.

butterfly sex position

How to Perform the Butterfly 
The woman lies on her back, legs spread and knees slightly bent. The man kneels (or stands if done at the edge of a shorter bed) and lifts the woman’s pelvis high enough to fuck her.

Hot Hint
A pillow underneath her hips may make her more comfortable and gives him an extra-deep angle of penetration. By by opening and closing her thighs like the wings of a butterfly she can adjust the angle and set the rhythm. His hands are free to explore, whether caressing her breasts, thighs, or pubic area.

make a woman orgasm

More Sex Positions to Make a Woman Orgasm



The sidekick is the perfect position for slow, sensual love making. Having your body curved at this angle gives him deeper access, so even the tiniest guy can feel like a god!

The One Who Stops At Home

Being able to make intense eye contact adds intimacy to passion in this position, and her hips rising to offer herself to him ups the eroticism.

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