The Bridge

Similar to the Arch, but worth the extra effort. She’s definitely the one calling all the shots here. By lifting her pelvis, the woman is in charge of the speed and depth of every thrust.

How to do it:
She performs The Bridge with both hands and feet on the floor while holding her body off the ground. Her partner enters from a kneeling position while holding her hips.

What's Hot

Lap Dance

"Come sit on my lap" just took on a whole new meaning. This dirty sex position gives you the opportunity to enjoy a little role play, so give him the performance of a lifetime!

The Spider

A variant of the Reverse Cowgirl position, she hovers over her partner in a "crab position," leaving his hands free to explore.

The Fusion

Want to know how to make your girlfriend orgasm during sex? Watch this video illustrating The Fusion sex position.

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