Betty Rocker

In the Betty Rocker Position, she picks the angle and speed of the thrusting, so there’s plenty of opportunity to experiment and find that inside hot spot. Try it tonight, and you’ll see why we consider this one of the BEST sex positions.

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How to do it:
The man should be on his back as the woman straddles his legs. With her hands on the floor for support, she then leans forward all the way, exposing her rear for anal stimulation or caressing of her cheeks and thighs.

backwards cowgirl position

Get a rhythm down — circle for a few times before you take an unexpected plunge. It gives you maximum control for an intense orgasm, but your guy gets to savor every sensation without working up much of a sweat. And he’ll love the total visual and tactile access to your backside.

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Hot hint:
If your knees get tired or start feeling sore, plant your feet and squat on top of him for a while. Changing positions like this will open up new angle and speed possibilities, and boost your erotic endurance, allowing you and your guy to go the extra mile.